Custom Work

You are just one step closer to creating an incredible custom lamp shade. We replace old shades or create from scratch. Don’t get frustrated. We know there are many combinations, but we are the pros. No matter how large a shade or what shape, we carry a vast array lamp shades from all over the world, and if it doesn’t exist, we’ll make it.

To start with, there are the varying shapes: round lamp shades, square lamp shades, oval lamp shades and rectangle lamp shades.

To begin, simply choose the type of shade you need (Round shades are the most commonly ordered).

And then, there are different sizes, including chandelier lamp shades, drum lamp shades, table lamp shades, coolie lamp shades, empire lamp shades.

Okay. Let’s clear up any further confusion:
Sizes? Each shade has a top diameter, bottom diameter, and height.
How about a lamp shade fitter? Clip fitter, washer fitter, uno fitter, European fitter, chimney fitter.
What color? There are literally millions of color variations.
Fabric? The fabric choice is your next consideration.
In less than a week, a brand new custom lamp shade is ready.